6- A most certain truthful testimony to all honorable supporters..

– 6 –

The Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

AH 29 – 12 – 1429
AD 12 – 27 – 2008
12:39 am

A most certain truthful testimony to all honorable supporters..


In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, and peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord worlds, after this..


I am the awaited Mahdi I call Allah to witness the truthful certain evidence that you are one of the sincere to Allah and his messenger and his Khalifah the Awaited Mahdi, indeed you have sheltered me on the day the owners of the website rebuke me at first then they band my membership, and on these days I used to write the statement with hardship linguistically for my lack use of writing on the internet, indeed I could not find the letter on the typing board, and I write it from 7 pm to the next day at 12 am noon time, non stop unless it is time to preform the prayer, then on the next day I come to see the responses, and behold I do not find my last statement, and as well the banning of my membership being don, and so I write an explanatory-statement on other website for many long hours, then I come the next day to not find it except a few of the web pages who circulate some of my explanatory-statements, so then I abandoned the internet for a number of months that followed being troubled from the owners of the websites who destroy what I spend long nights to build then they destroy it in part of a second which gave me a complex and I forsake the internet for nearly six months approximately till Allah look over me, and one day I accessed the internet and be hold to find that I have a website built especially for me, and all my explanatory-statements that was not deleted yet was gathered from many websites, and the situation astonished me, who is the one that made for me a website with the name of (The Site of the Islamic Good News) www.mahdi-alumma.com and gathered all my explanatory-statements?! And so I signed up as member in it without me know who is he but indeed I was calling my Lord supplicating to reward him on my behalf the best reward of what the righteous servants had been rewarded with. On one day I signed on my messenger and it was the first time in six months, and behold an individual writing to me and saying that he is the one who built for me the website so I would be in it freely, and to protect the true statement of the awaited Mahdi for a reminder to the whole humanity, so it was the first supporter for this from all the supportive helpers on the international wed, he is a man who came from the farthest end of the city (Al-Husain Bin Omar). And from that day he still increasing the strength and baking up to send the true statement as reminder to the world as much as he could on different sites, and through the messenger and emails to publicize the debate.

Indeed I testify for this man that he is a drawn sword from Allah despite he is paralyzed and bound on a chair Allah tried him but he was patient, and it was better for him, so Allah strengthened me and aid me by him, so he made refuge for the call of the rebuked awaited Mahdi from the websites, and designed for our call more than twenty five sites and worked day and night to inform the authoritative knowledge while he never sleeps almost, so we took him as a friend and with Allah’s permission we guided him to the midst of righteousness that is Al-Husain Bin Omar friend of the awaited Mahdi, and whoever love him indeed Allah and His messenger, and His Khalifa the awaited Mahdi would love him, and who ever was an enemy to him among the nations indeed I am his open contender, he is the cream of the crop among humans and from the best of creatures, so I enjoin the entire supporters to be in goodly manner to my friend indeed he helped me for the sake of Allah the Forgiving and he does not want from me to be repay nor thanks, his commerce with his Lord a commerce that would never parish.

And oh supporters I enjoin you in being good with your brother without him —by the will of Allah— you would not have heard about me a thing on the world wide internet, and Bin Omar was the decreed reason to become from among the advanced supportive helpers to the awaited Mahdi other than the whole humans, and to be from the honored and from the ministers over the worlds.

And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds..
Your brother Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni.

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