Men around the Imam Mahdi

Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

30 – 04 – 1436 AH
19 – 02 – 2015 AD
06:28 am

Men around the Imam Mahdi

In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, and peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds, after this..

I say wait, slow down my beloved in Allah’s love Aala Al-Deen Noor Al-Deen of the honorees, I am the Imam Mahdi I did not permit you to enroll within the tribes of Ma’erib to defend Ma’erib that you call the supporters for manpower now, O joy of the eye, indeed not, in fact we order you to that the supporters remain in the cause of the call to Allah upon the certain knowledge from their Lord, so all rest at ease according to my knowledge that the tribes of Ma’erib tens of thousands are preparing trained armies for fighting, as soon the lad matures but he would carry a gun and get trained on shooting, as well trained them the wars that occur between the tribes so it increases them knowledge and art of fighting regardless of the wars’ reasons because of it is void.

As well as Al-Houthis They know that the province of Ma’erib is different from all the provinces of the Republic of Yemen altogether because there is no populations in it like the other provinces where existing in it the tribes and peoples, except the province of Ma’erib so all of them are armed tribes that possess mighty prowess they do not back off to behind in the a battle raged; in fact they fight until they die or win against their opponent, they do not turn their backs because who turns his back is considered cowered according to the tribes if the if the battle was raged.

As well they are used to the configurations of Ma’erib, the desert war and the hills, indeed the tribes of Ma’erib do not need the other tribes of various provinces. As soon I gave fatwa to the people of Ma’erib in defending their land and their honor but they are fit for it because they are armed altogether with the latest weapons of all kinds and degrees and they are havoc-making and trained in the arts of fighting of the desert, their training is from their homes because of the war sometimes sparks between the tribe and the other due to void or rightful reasons, that made them used to wars so do not fear for them a thing O Aala Al-Deen Noor Al-Deen surely they are fit for it in every sense of the word.

But what make me sad is the blood shed that will seep on Ma’erib’s desert from the blood of Al-Houthis and few from the blood of the proudly-defiant tribes of Ma’erib, but the exceeded killing and river of blood will be most definitely seeps from Al-Houthis attackers for many various reasons and of it; is their lack of familiarity upon fighting in Ma’erib’s terrain, and secondly: always most of killed and bloodshed coming from the assailant because he is being uncovered, as for the defender is fortified in strong-holed but it does not prevent death of him his strong-hold cover, and the life of the assailant and the defender is in the hand of Allah at a predetermined written decree. Surely we take means of precautions and we trustfully-rely on Allah.

O my beloveds for Allah’s pleasure the best foremost supporters, it should not be for you to fight under one’s banner except the banner of the Imam Mahdi if he mobilized you for fighting, but my beloveds in Allah’s love I did not mobilize you a thing so none of you migrates to fight with the people of Ma’erib, do not be afraid for them in fact they are for it and (up to it and more), so continue in your call to guide the nation. I have not prepared you spiritually for the cause of fighting onto (defending) my tribe and my Provence even if that was truly for the Imam Mahdi to if he mobilized you and we would never mobilize you by Allah’s permission before the appearing except that we are forced upon that for defending the Imam Mahdi so my beloveds in Allah’s love for each incident there is a talk. But none did intercept the Imam Mahdi and his guards, so the Houthis did not intercept us nor the organization of Al-Qaida intercept us non intercepts us by the grace of Allah and His mercy. And we are high readily for the defense for ourselves if would be transgressed against us. And surely Allah will help him who helps Him. Surely Allah is Strong, Mighty. By Allah’s permission we would not be forced to that and we take with the means of precautions and we trustfully-relying upon Allah, so do not hasten and for every incident is a talk, my beloveds for Allah’s pleasure. If the Imam Mahdi mobilized you then go forth except not against people between you and them a treaty-covenant so fulfill their agreement to the end of their term, and should not be for you to break the promises and undo the covenants and treaties as the Houthis did may Allah guide them.

O my beloveds for Allah’s pleasure do not worry for your Imam whoever is behind a tribe in it more than twenty thousand fighters if we send for them to defend the Imam Mahdi they would have come altogether for the defense off the person Sheikh Nasser Mohammad regardless if he is the Awaited Mahdi or not; in fact they will come for the defense off Sheikh Nasser Mohammad equally by jealousy-motivation of tribal’s heat-urge (for protection), and that is the tribe of Murad a watchful-tower on the lookout for the opponent. Indeed the heat-urge (for protection) which Allah has entrusted it in the hearts of the tribes’ sons (but) their problem is the heat-urge (for protection) of Ignorance to the fact the mobilization to go forth of the tribes for the defense off one individual from the tribe’s individuals or for his revenge from others, sometimes their companion is at fault so the is the heat-urge (for protection) of the ancient ignorance, the fact of them do not look to the right or wrong; but attends to defend his companion, regardless if he of the right or the wrong, that is the blind heat-urge (for protection) of the ignorance that to support members of the tribe each other, whether a person is being on the right or on the void! But supposed to be if his folks found him upon the right and if they found him on void prevented him, and tribe of Murad is characterized as such, and that is the tribe of Murad a watchful-tower on the lookout for the opponent. And thanks to my beloveds in Allah’s love do not forget that your Imam in Allah’s eyes. And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds, after this..

Your brother Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni


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